Has it ever come in upon your mind that such a trivial thing as a cotton tampon that you use every month is potentially dangerous for your health? Actually, few ladies think of it. Like any expendable feminine item, a tampon is used, thrown away and forgotten. Meanwhile, an increasing number of women today opt for organic tampons. What is it, and why on earth do you need it? Well, everything is not as simple, as it can seem. Read our review to know the truth.

What’s the risk of using usual tampons?

Conventionally, tampons are made of cotton, which absorbs menstrual blood greatly, preventing leaks. But you’re mistaken if you think that natural cotton is a completely harmless and eco-friendly material. Today it is grown with the use of pesticides and some toxic chemicals. Even processed cotton contains traces of these toxins. Moreover, the procedure of bleaching results in producing dioxin, which is a toxic agent. It suppresses the immune system and causes growth of abnormal cells and tissues.

And what about FDA approval?

You may be surprised to hear that FDA doesn’t have any safety instructions for fibers used in sanitary tampons manufacturing. All they control is the level of absorption. According to the current legislation, disclosure of tampons’ ingredients is not mandatory for their manufacturers. Many brands producing conventional tampons use viscose, rayon and other types of fiber instead of pure natural cotton for tampons production. These materials can shed, and micro-fibers are left inside a woman’s body, serving as potential sources of infections.

Organic tampons are produced from 100% natural certified pure cotton. As a rule, they are slightly more expensive than conventional items. However, their safety and an ability to protect your body from bacteria and toxins make them a preferable option for women. Read about their additional benefits in our review and make your choice based on personal preferences.

Best Places to Buy Organic Tampons

Nowadays, one can find a wide array of organic tampons on sale, both in brick-and mortal retail stores and online. But how can one choose the best brand out of this diversity? Check our list of 10 best organic tampons brands and make your choice. Here are top choice options at a glance.


Natracare ® Organic Tampons

Natracare company has been in the market since 1989. It was the first to offer organic items for feminine hygiene and to receive a certificate for organic tampons. Natracare tampons are all-natural and their composition includes only biodegradable components – cotton and cardboard (the latter is used for an applicator production). It has numerous advantages and ranks first in our review. Let’s have a glance on these leak-proof items.

Advantages of Natracare Tampons:
  • contain only 100% organic cotton;
  • no plastic components;
  • rayon-free;
  • chlorine-free;
  • no shedding - no risk of infections;
  • gentle surface, which is pleasant to touch;
  • biodegradable materials;
  • available with and without applicator;
  • different sizes available (from regular to super plus).

Maxim ® Organic Tampons

These tampons are produced at a family-owned enterprise Maxim Hygiene Products. They produce hygiene products for women from high-quality eco-friendly materials and aim to protect both environment and female health. Take a closer glance of Maxim tampons, which rank second in the review.

Advantages of Maxim Tampons:
  • contain only 100% organic cotton;
  • no chlorine is used to clean cotton;
  • a rounded-tip cardboard applicator with finger grips makes them easy to use;
  • available both with and without applicator;
  • package is made of recycled cardboard;

Puristics ® Organic Tampons

Puristics Company is known mainly as a manufacture of anti-ageing cosmetics and organic expendable products for female hygiene. Products of Puristics trademark are all-natural, don’t contain chemicals and toxins. They are highly appreciated by women of all ages and rank third in the review.

Advantages of Puristics Tampons:
  • made of pure certified cotton for the best absorption of menstrual blood;
  • no synthetically produced materials;
  • unscented and hypoallergenic;
  • chlorine-free (no artificial bleaching is done);
  • are easily applied with a rounded applicator;
  • available with and without applicator.

Organyc ® Organic Tampons

Organyc tampons are produced by Corman SPA – a well-known Italian manufacture of hygiene products, which are real hits in Italy. Nowadays, their products are available in over 26 countries of the world, and health & care specialists recommend Organyc menstrual pads and tampons to ladies with sensitive skin. Have a glance on their pros.

Advantages of Organyc tampons:
  • contain only 100% organic cotton;
  • no wood-pulp used;
  • no synthetically produced materials used;
  • chlorine-free (they use hydrogen peroxide to clean fiber);
  • 100% biodegradable;
  • inexpensive;
  • available both with and without applicator.

Emerita ® Organic Tampons

The history of Emerita began in 1978. They first became known as a manufacturer of natural skincare products, such as Pro-Gest cream for middle-aged women. Since that time they have expanded their scope of activity noticeably, and today a lot of organic goods including tampons are sold under Emerita trademark.

Advantages of Emerita Tampons:
  • contain only 100% organic cotton;
  • bleached without chlorine;
  • no rayon and allergenic components;
  • package is made of recycled cardboard and eco-friendly soy ink;
  • biodegradable applicator;
  • different levels of menstrual blood absorbency available (up to “plus” level).
  • Disadvantage:
    • available with applicator only.

    Seventh Generation ® Organic Tampons

    The company is in the market for over 25 years. It is known as a manufacturer of natural herbal products of a superb quality. Seventh Generation claims that its every item is unique and has no analogs in the market. Clients appreciate it for high-grade products and unusual solutions. Just have a glance on their advantages.

    Advantages of Seventh Generation Tampons:
    • absorbent part is made of 100% pure cotton;
    • bleached without chlorine;
    • only biodegradable materials in each tampon, its applicator and package;
    • several absorbency levels for the best fluid absorption;
    • available both with and without applicator;
    • water-tight coating of the string;
    • rather moderate pricing.

    TOTM ® Organic Tampons

    TOTM (Time of the Month) is a British company, though its products nowadays can be found everywhere in the world. As the name implies, TOTM specializes in hygiene products for menses (tampons and towels).

    Advantages of TOTM Tampons:
    • produced from 100% pure cotton;
    • completely biodegradable;
    • no synthetic components/chemicals;
    • GMO-free cotton
    • an option of monthly delivery is available, but not mandatory;
    • available with and without applicator.

    BON ® Organic Tampons

    BON is a Zelanian brand, which markets its products as 100% pure. Its main idea is to provide women with relatively inexpensive, premium-class hygiene items for they could lead a healthy, environment-friendly mode of life.

    Advantages of BON Tampons:
    • produced from 100% pure cotton;
    • they are bleached without chlorine;
    • unscented;
    • supplied in biodegradable cans;
    • monthly delivery available;
    • available without applicator only.

    Honest ® Organic Tampons

    Honest company is a “darling” of the Holliwood couple - Jessica Alba & Christopher Gavigan. The brand offers a wide array of products, and organic tampons are one of them. The main idea that unites all the products sold under the Honest trademark is a combination of affordability, stylish design and sustainability.

    Advantages of Honest Tampones:
    • produced from 100% pure cotton;
    • expand when put inside, providing a higher level of leak proof;
    • a woven in string instead of a glued one;
    • unscented and chemicals-free;
    • available with and without applicator.
    • an applicator is plastic.

    Veeda ® Organic Tampons

    Though Veeda produces NON-organic tampons, it is definitely worth looking at. All it products are manufactured from only natural materials of high quality. Veeda tampons are notable for their hypoallergenic properties; they can be used by women with an increased sensitivity to chemical and allergens. Unscented, free of chemicals and toxins fibers prevent bacterial infections, TSS and dermal irritation.

    Advantages of Veeda Tampons:
    • made of pure cotton;
    • bleached without chlorine (with oxygen);
    • don’t contain toxins, pesticides and herbicides;
    • diminish TSS risk;
    • available both with and without applicator.
    • they are not organic;
    • an applicator is made of plastic (though it is BPA-free);

    What and How Should I Choose?

    The choice of hygiene items is a deeply intimate matter. You may need to test several options until you buy an ideal match. At least, you can be confident that all the brand described supply high-grade hypoallergenic tampons that are safe for health and don’t contain harmful chemicals, toxins and synthetic fibers. Most likely, they will suit to the vast majority of women. Make your choice wisely and buy only safe products!